Aerospace & Defense industry with new digital models

Aerospace & Defense industry with new digital models

With global engineering, the industry has been able to harness the need for global integration in design and engineering so as to compress the product life cycle. The team comprises of experienced domain specialists with proven track records in Aerospace and Defense engagements, and personnel from sales, military and engineering.

HawksCodeSoftwares Pvt. Ltd. provides safety critical solutions for various aircraft systems that cover Control systems, Cockpit systems and Cabin systems with the help of applications.

Our capabilities span both military and civil – from international airliners and military jets to private fixed wing or rotary aircraft – and we serve key players in the industry. By partnering with Intertek, you can be assured that our world-class services will meet both industry standards and your commitment to performance, quality and reliability.
This new global growth model has presented itself in the form of emerging economies, which in addition to being supply and service bases, are strong growth markets for civilian and defense aircraft procurement hubs.

To reinforce HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd.’s physical presence at the customer’s base, especially during project delivery phase, we have partnered with an overseas engineering company for larger local representation.
New manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing are triggering the redesign of parts resulting in weight savings and cost effectiveness.This new business model allows for greater customer value added solutions as well as address offset obligations.

To deliver a greater passenger experience,HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. has enabled the development of Aircraft Passenger Solutions through the combination of IT, IS and Engineering based technologies. We offer a solution for everything from Interactive Passenger Solutions to State-of-the-art Cabin & Seat Control Panels