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With Ai Canvas module you can, indeed, do loads of things. Firstly, it can send out any Illustrator work of art to a HTML5 canvas component – complex shapes, slopes, transparencies, drop shadows and a wide range of things. Where canvas needs bolster for a particular element, Ai Canvas consequently rasterizes the work of art to a bitmap and appropriately positions the picture on the canvas.

We can without much of a stretch add liveliness to your Illustrator drawings. These incorporate revolution, scaling, blurring, facilitating, and development along a way. For more propelled movements, you can include triggers that begin one activity when another liveliness finishes, react to client communications.

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The genuine force of Ai Canvas is that it can be utilized for static craftsmanship and drawings, as well as to make dynamic charts, diversions, presentations, et cetera, when it is matched with JavaScript charges. The module empowers an engineer or planner to yield Illustrator layers as partitioned JavaScript drawing capacities. Every capacity has an arrangement of choices that make the subsequent craftsmanship simpler to work with.