Authipay offers you an accommodating way to deal with recognize online portions. We offer
joined portion passage and dealer organizations in one.
your business can acknowledge installments on the web, safely and effectively.
Authipay is an advantageous and financially savvy approach to process installments on the web. It joins an installment entryway with dealer account administrations in one convenient administration.
An installment door encourages an installment exchange by the exchange of data between an installment gateway, (for example, a site, cellular telephone or intuitive voice reaction administration) and the front end processor or getting bank.
Any business, hoping to offer online requires the door join between tolerating installments on the web, and accepting installments into their wanted trader account. Authipay offers a sheltered, secure, moderate arrangement that joins online installment base and an AIB Merchant Services online vendor account. The advantage for entrepreneurs is a simple to utilize, complete, end-to-end online installment arrangement.

a strong arrangement perfect for the set up retailer hoping to move in the online space, or any business with another and special online quality suggestion. To discover more about how Authipay can convey eCommerce arrangements to reality, make an enquiry here.