It is one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue. The automotive industry is a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.

Automotive industry, all those companies and activities involved in the manufacture of motor vehicles. It also includes most components, such as engines and bodies, but excluding tires, batteries, and fuel.
Automotive engineering, along with aerospace engineering and marine engineering, is a branch of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycles, automobiles.In order to keep up with the growing demand, several auto makers have started investing heavily in various segments of the industry during the last few months.India’s automotive industry is one of the most competitive in the world.

Automotive engineering is one of the most exciting professions you can choose. automobile industry, the business of producing and selling self-powered vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, farm equipment, and other commercial vehicles. By allowing consumers to commute long distances for work, shopping, and entertainment, the auto industry has encouraged the development of an extensive road system, made possible the growth of suburbs and shopping centers around major cities, and played a key role in the growth of ancillary industries, such as the oil and travel businesses.

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