Business Intelligence and its Importance


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BI is process for analyzing, organizing data and presenting the information to help managers, end users to make better decisions. BI constitute variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enable organizations to collect data from internal systems, prepare the data for analysis, run queries on data and create reports and dashboards to make the analytical result available to decision makers.

BI data can include historical information as well as new data gathered from source systems. Initially these BI tools were used by data analysts and other IT Professionals for data analysis and generation of reports but now there is increasing demand of so presently its being used by business executives and workers too.

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BI technology includes data visualization software for designing charts as well as tools for building BI dashboards and performance scorecards that display visualized data on business metrics and key performance indicators in an easy to understand way.

There are many advantages of Business Intelligence and because of these reasons many organisations are adopting it. Some of the benefits are given below:-

1) Increase Productivity

Traditionally, data gathering, compiling, analysing data and then manually writing reports was very time consuming process especially for the small businesses where man force is not much. With the use of BI, you can extract data and generate the report by just clicking which saves lot of time and employees can focus on more productive work.

2) Access to better information

With the increase in amount of data, it is not manually feasible to assess the data. While using BI data can be assessed more effectively.

3) Competent Decision Making

Reason why most business fails is inability to make critical decision. Bi helps in analysing and monitoring past and present performances of all operations and making the future predictions. BI helps in making better informed decisions.

4) ROI

Through faster reporting, decreased operating cost and access to better quality data and information, BI can positively results in better ROI and improved results for the organization.