Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

HawksCode Software Pvt. Ltd. has been recognized as a Best – in – Class Outsourcing and Consulting Service Provider by ‘Consumer Goods Technology’ Readers: HawksCode has been ranked among the Top providers in the outsourcing category and has been voted an Experience Leader in the Consulting category in a poll conducted by Consumer Goods Technology.

These solutions have been made possible through the combination of enhanced business processes and the leveraging of digital solutions, including social media, mobile-based applications, and deeper data analysis. This has also played a significant part in the digitization of the entire value chain of the industry.

Further, the implementation of digital solutions has helped the industry renew some of its key focus areas. It has leveraged customer relationships to build long-term loyalty and has speeded-up the decision-making process through big data analysis to provide real-time insights.

Additionally, new technologies have enabled business processes to become more efficient. Specifically within manufacturing, logistics, and marketing, the CPG industry has witnessed heightened operational improvements. Also, the industry has been able to examine new markets, specifically emerging markets, for further growth opportunities.

In terms of business benefits, digital technologies have helped free up cash flow and improve bottom-lines due to increased operational efficiency. It has also helped in the undertaking of faster decision-making so as to enable companies further grow their market share.

HawksCode software Pvt. Ltd. has patented systems for optimal product assortment and space planning for merchandisers and retailers. HawksCode Software Pvt. Ltd. has patented space optimization techniques for retail and CPG enterprises.

Retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies can enhance store, space, assortment, and merchandise planning with integrated resource-asset management and an enterprise data repository. However, third-party tools may not optimize space via pangrams at a product, fixture, store, and cluster level. The HawksCode Software Retail practice uses patented optimization techniques to plan, allocate, distribute, and display products for merchandisers and retailers.