Role of Information Technology in Business of Web Design & Services


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Decision Making

– Speed and accuracy are the heart of making right decision for the business. Market research can be done through online surveys, blogs and group discussions. Big Data, Google Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics tools are used to extract useful information which can impact on decision making.

Marketing and Business Growth

– Main factor for business success lies in marketing which enables management to target audience and then observe trends. Marketing covers advertising and promotion. Digital Marketing is the modern term which let you promote services or products across the world. It includes search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), blogging, discussion forums, Social Media Marketing etc.

Customer Support and satisfaction

–Higher level of customer satisfaction is the key to success. Business success depends on knowing its customer needs, trends and satisfaction level. Effective communication is the best tool to understand the customer demands, problems and expectations. Organisations use customer relationship management (CRM) to keep valuable data for understanding customer behaviours and future needs.