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Finacle is a core banking product developed by Infosys which provides universal banking facility to banks. It was initially release by Infosys in 1999. It is used by more than 84 countries.

In 2004, India’s largest bank, State Bank of India, decided to use Finacle core banking, e-banking. On three data centres located at UK, US and India, the bank’s global business operations were standardized. After some time these 3 data centres were downsized to single one which is located in India. This lead to reduction in cost whereas bank was able to give more services and that too in effective manner. In 2008, Finacle was implemented at Punjab National Bank at all branches. Then in 2012, Kotak Mahindra Bank implemented the Finacle’s Platform Core Banking System which changed bank’s legacy core banking system.

Finacle offers huge list of products which include Finacle Core Banking System, Finacle e-Banking, Finacle Mobile Banking and many more. Finacle solution helps financial institutions to build strong relation with stakeholders, continuous innovation and accelerate growth in the digital world.

Finacle Core Banking System is a comprehensive, modular and in easy to configure modules. It provides all the business functionalities, enabling user to configure products in order to adapt to dynamic environment. HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd, London, UK is also working on services of banking product. We are working on Software, ERPand Mobile Application Development Services of Banking Industry.

Finacle Features:-
1) It facilitates banking at any place.
2) It involves C, C++ and Java Programming Language.
3) It is menu driven software which makes it very easy to use.
4) Customization and parameterization are two main features of Finacle

5) Finacle provides multilingual support which makes it accessible across worldwide.

6) It provides multi-level security i.e. operation, database and application level security.

Why Finacle?
1) Customer driven

2) Functionally rich and flexible
3) High level security control