Micromanagement Services


Hawkscode Softwares Pvt. Ltd is a global IT company delivering services, solutions to enterprises worldwide. Hawkscode provide services of Software app development, ERP, Mobile application development, Android Application Software, and our websites are very popular for best and unique designs. Our designers have expertise in website designing .In Business Management, Micromanagement is a style where manager closely observes or monitor and try to control the work of his subordinates and employees. This type of management is especially with excessive control and attention on minor details. It leads to failure in the ability to focus on core features or work which should be handled on priority


Rather than giving general instructions on daily task, manager pays huge attention and devotes major time in monitoring and assessing every single step and avoids delegations of decisions. Manager requests for unnecessary and overly detailed report on timely basis.


Main cause behind micromanagement is emotional insecurity and doubts regarding employee competence. In many cases of micromanagement, managers control the work process and procedures for business reasons but rather than making themselves feel useful and authoritative.


As micromanagements depicts that manager does not have trust on employee’s talent it causes employee dissatisfaction and disengagement which further leads to hostile work environment. Disengaged employees invest their time in working but they are not allowed to use their creativity and innovation which creates disinterest among employees. Severe forms of micromanagement can eliminate trust; suppress opportunities for learning and growth.

Advantages of Micromanagement

1) Direct Control & Performance Management – This can be the effective style of management with the employees who needs regular supervision and who under performs or who need additional help in completing their assigned tasks. If you keep close eye on the employees then there are more chances that work is precisely done by the way you want.

2) Influencing Business Critical Plan –
There can be many times when you need to work with employees very closely. In case of submission of any presentation or any proposal to be handing over to client, it makes it critical requirement to closely look after employees that how they are proceeding as managers are more in contact with client rather than employees. There are times when you cannot afford to allow inexperienced employees to make mistakes.

Disadvantages of Micromanagement

1) Time & Cost – Micromanagement can be very time consuming for managers as managers spend most of his time in looking at trivial task rather than channelizing the time in doing productive work. Successful manager uses his time effectively by properly allocating the tasks.

2) Reduces Job Satisfaction – As employees are being regularly monitored so they do not feel empowered and trusted which leads to lack of satisfaction. Employers or managers feel frustrated when employees do not perform tasks as they expected which leads to poor performance.

3) Less creativity and innovation – Employers who micromanage tend to have very specific ideas in their mind and they expect from their employees to work accordingly and do not showcase their creativity and innovation in the work assigned to them. An employer who micromanages denies that his employees comes with alternate way of work.