IPv6: Concern of Network Admin about migrating from IPv4 to IPv6


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Network Administrators will soon be compelled to move from IPv4 to IPv6 not because technology is moving forward but the IP Addresses are almost exhausted. But it is not very easy migration to do as it involves large number of scans to do, information gathering and many other tasks to accomplish.

There are many advantages associated with IPv6 which are given below:-

More Efficient Routing

IPv6 reduces the size of routing tables and making routing process more efficient and hierarchical.

More efficient packet processing

IPv6 simplify packet header makes packet processing more efficient. As compared to IPv4, IPv6 does not contain IP level checksum, so the check sum does not need to be calculated at every router hop.

Direct Data Flow

IPv6 supports multicast rather than broadcast, multicast allows multimedia stream to be sent to multiple destination simultaneously which saves lot of network bandwidth.


– IPSec which provides confidentiality, authentication and integrity is baked into in IPv6. In IPv4 ICMP packets are blocked by firewalls but in IPv6, ICMP can be permitted as IPSec can be applied to IPv6

Concerns about migration from IPv4 to IPv6:-

Cost Factor

Migration to IPv6 will incur lot of costs which include monetary assets, but also personnel and time. Large amount of planning needs to get through to accomplish this migration. With planning there will be resource planning which will come into picture. Monetary costs will be new servers and many other types of equipment.


Migration to IPv6 is very complex process. It involves all the departments which use the computers and the equipments connected to the network. This transition has to be very smooth where everyone needs to be on same line working together.

Cleaning current IPv4 Inventory

The main concern is getting rid of IPv4 inventory. For network administrators, it involves getting new equipment, implementing it, using old equipment temporarily for back up purposes and then finally removing them permanently. This entire process will incur huge amount of time.