Online Marketing Strategy for Tight Budget of Web Design & Services


HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd is a global IT company delivering services, solutions to enterprises worldwide. A good looking website always attracts the customers and works well for Business . In today’s world where there is increasing competition, it is getting more difficult to attract the eyes of target market. You do not have to compete just with marketing departments but also with social media. But the efforts which have to be made to make your Online Marketing successful are not directly proportional to the amount of cost you need to invest. HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd, London, UK Best Part of provide Software app development, Online Marketing, ERP, Mobile application development.There are some innovative and creative ideas which will outshine you in this competitive world without tons of investment.

Some of the ideas are given below:-

1) Get endorsed by local celebrity – Most of the business owner’s dream of having their product or service endorsed by superstar or very famous personality. But instead of hiring a superstar you can go for local celebrity. They are the people who are doing something positive or remain continuously in news. Since they are easily reachable and accessible, so it’s easy to contact them and get feedback from them on timely basis.

2) Create a LinkedIn Network– As creating a LinkedIn network is free and it’s very easy, it enables you to build your professional network strong which leads to increase in sales. It takes time in creating the network, but main goal is to help in providing the resources and start discussing on topics that can benefit community.

3) Write e-book about the biggest issue pertaining in your Industry – It is no longer needed to spend hefty amount to get distribution of book. Amazon will let you upload online book with 33 percent take on every sale. Goal is not to make profits but to gather the readers to come to your website for further information.

4) Create videos on YouTube – With millions of visitors per month, YouTube can be a powerful medium to advertise your business. Upload some random videos about your products which create interest among people. Video should contain an editorial message and some small message that they should visit the website or subscribe to the channels. Uploading video on YouTube is not at all costly, you just need your phone camera and it should be able to capture suitable online video.