payment xpress Payment Gateway Integration


Installment Express is a high development, imaginative worldwide pioneer in installment innovation. Giving PCI DSS agreeable installment arrangements, we’re guaranteed with all real card plans. A worldwide end to end stage for e-business, retail and unattended that encourages installments flawlessly progressively.

Installment Express have a devoted and reason fabricated advancement and server farm, extraordinarily intended for installments handling. We have put and keep on re put resources into cutting edge, bank grade security and framework, and are completely affirmed as Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP (PCI DSS) consistent at processor level; utilizing an endorsed QSA for quarterly outputs on frameworks and full nearby reviews, every year. All touchy data is encoded with the 3DES convention, with Atalla Network Security Processors.

Installment Express gives free designer testing access. Our test surroundings precisely reflects the conduct of the generation district. Email backing is accessible for designers.

Installment Express claims all inward systems administration and firewall equipment and every single purpose of disappointment are dispensed with wherever conceivable; Cisco firewall’s give consistent come up short over in case of an essential firewall equipment disappointment and individual switches are utilized. The system is multi-homed; Payment Express’ essential Internet association is by means of Telecom DDS to Telecom IPNet with a hot reinforcement by means of United Networks Fiber optic link to AT&T Global. Telecom Advanced Solutions was locked in by Payment Express to plan and execute the framework and Telecom LAN connection is locked in to give a focal administration to both the Telecom and AT&T switches.

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