Phone Gap Corodova Mobile Apps Development Company in Coventry

Phone Gap Corodova Mobile Apps Development Company in Coventry

What is Phonegap ?

PhoneGap is an open source system for rapidly constructing cross-stage versatile applications utilizing HTML5, Javascript and CSS.

Building applications for each device–iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and more–requires distinctive systems and dialects. PhoneGap comprehends this by utilizing guidelines based web advancements to scaffold web applications and cell phones.

1. You don’t need additional training for development
In order to develop an app using phone gap you don’t need to learn any new
programming languages. Phonegap uses standard languages and technologies (HTML, CSS, JS).

2. Allows development for multiple devices:
As phonegap uses the standard technologies that can work with multiple devices. In most cases the JavaScript APIs are consistent across different platforms. So that these also save the development time.

3. Allows you to focus on functionality:

Developers would be able to work with the latest version of the native SDKs without keeping up individually with each platform. This helps them to focus on the functionality of the app that they would be developing, and also to save a lot of time that might otherwise be spent on following up the changes in the different platforms.

4. Improves collaboration:
Different members of the team can use their strengths in a collaborative manner to achieve the end result in a faster and seamless manner.

5. Easy and Fast deployment:
The app that you are developing would be deployed to the user much faster, thanks to the time saved on developing using PhoneGap.

6. Easy sharing of apps:
PhoneGap Build allows you to share the app as soon as it is ready, by sending a link to your friends and family.

What we Provide?

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