Value for the Oil and Gas


The Oil and Gas Industry is faced with several challenges including price volatility, uncertain energy policy, cost containment, worsening fiscal terms and day to day operational challenges. Success requires the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to these dynamic conditions. For example, upstream companies are challenged by severe resource constraints while struggling to increase production and replace proven reserves. Meanwhile, downstream companies are facing working capital and margin pressures.

We partner with oil and gas companies, oilfield services providers, and Engineering, Procurement and Construction enterprises. Our experience spans commissioning Green field projects to transforming onshore and offshore operations at Brownfield refineries.

Oil and gas companies must have a robust pipeline integrity management system to deal with challenges related to managing huge pipeline network, aging infrastructure, and timely maintenance.

Our consultants help you re-engineer processes to effect a business transformation at your oil and gas enterprise. Our simulation tools enable you to implement strategies for lean operations. We also partner with your team to accelerate time to market of new oil well programs and deploy modelling-based optimization platforms to increase production.

Petroleum products include transportation fuels, fuel oils for heating and electricity generation, asphalt and road oil, and the feedstock’s used to make chemicals, plastics, and synthetic materials found in nearly everything we use today.

HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. has a robust and nature Oil and Gas practice. We provide end-to-end IT services to O&G companies, thereby helping them focus on their core competencies. Our well-planned and well-executed IT projects have helped customers to streamline business processes, iron out inefficiencies and increase stakeholder’svalue.